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Seagull Technologies Inc

The new logo for Seagull Technologies Inc network support services

On December 15, 1994 I saw another shift in my business structure when I became a full-fledged Florida corporation. This was done to provide liability protection and eventual tax savings.

The focus of the company also changed, as noted in the new tag line, 'Computer Network Support Services'.  This was necessary because the big industry players like IBM, HP and Dell got into the personal computer (PC) business and companies such as CompUSA started opening superstores to sell all types of products so people could buy and upgrade their own machines.  

Those small players who wanted to remain in the business needed to shift to support services and the most profitable of those was network support services.  So that is where I was taken.  At first, it was small peer-to-peer networks using software such as Lantastic.  Then for larger organizations, Novell came out with a server/client solutions for networking.  This was the preferred solution for the rest of this decade.

By the end of the nineties, Windows Server was taking over a large portion of the small business market.  This was an insanely complicated piece of software and a decision was made to not spend the time or money to obtain all of the certifications needed to compete in this market space, even though some clients were lost who were forced to switch. 

The market had changed and all of the good clients were gone for various reasons by 2003, so the computer software/hardware support services were put to bed.  That didn't mean I could have a nice nap.  No, the world wide web was now in full swing.

So, I tried a dozen different on-line and off-line network marketing program running under the Seagull name during this decade.  Of course, all of them failed and I finally said 'Never Again'.  I had learned why Multi-Level-Marketing (Network Marketing) does not work, and how the real statistics are hidden.  The recent rulings from the Federal Trade Commission on MLMs have proven that decision was the right one.

At this point, I decided it was time for a break before starting out on my next adventure...