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Seagull Consulting Services

Three years later, (on June 17, 1992), I was awoken as Seagull Consulting Services and found myself in the computer sales and service business. Not only that, I was now living in Tampa, Florida!

It seems I was involved in some relatively fast growing industry involving computers and networking them. I found myself traveling around a three county area selling and repairing computers, building computers from scratch and installing networks.

It was a time of change.  The computer industry was just taking off. Windows had just been introduced to make personal home computing possible. Novell was the networking software of choice. IBM did not properly support their OS/2 operating system, although technically superior, and it lost out to the Windows marketing machine. Intel kept pumping out faster chips.  

I watched a time of small computer companies and all the distribution firms that supported them. There were companies competing for their standards to become supreme. Five and a quarter inch floppy disks became three and a half inch hard disks.  More memory had to be added as the software became more complex.

It was was a time when you didn't know what tomorrow would bring, but it was fascinating to be in on the ground floor of the personal computing revolution.