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On the Marketing Bandwagon

While course creation was a fascinating endeavor to learn and implement, the ever-changing world of marketing presents an even bigger learning curve.  As I sat in my nest surveying the landscape and decided on a multi-point plan of action!

First, I approach my warm market and that was a bust.  After all, if they needed advice they could just sit down and talk to me or use one of my consulting/mentoring offerings., I decided to start a Youtube channel to create a name for myself.  It is amazing how much you have to learn - writing scripts the right way, video editing, release schedules, key word research, hooks and much more. But I took another course on how to do it right and off I went.  I named it @BusinessBuildingBlocks because, well, I discuss all about the basics of building a business. Most people starting out and even some in business for awhile have no idea how many moving parts there are.  I'm still working on the monetization part, but that's okay too as the purpose of they site is to build my brand first.  The money part will happen when it's suppose to.

Third, I decided to start doing guest spots on other people's podcasts, since podcasts seem to be one of the hottest things going at the moment.  I find that I really enjoy getting online and having conversations with people.  And the more I do, the more I am able to hone down the pain points I need to address with my websites, courses and consulting services.

I have no idea where all of this activity will take me, and while my life has not been an easy one, it sure has been an interesting one.  I look forward to where it takes me from here...

-- J L Seagull