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2023 Brings New Laws for Businesses

Minimum wages are increasing in 27 states

There are some new state laws that will have an effect for businesses going into 2023. The one that will probably have the most effect is that twenty-seven states will see minimum wage increases in 2023 with the majority of the states implementing them starting Jan. 1.

This new salary floor comes as a result of calls from workers' rights groups, elected officials and others to increase wages for low-income workers. The increases in minimum wage ranges from $9.95 to 15.74 among the various states.

For example, Montana is the state with the lowest rate at $9.95 an hour, while Washington state is the highest at $15.74 an hour. New York City, and its surrounding counties, will have a $15.00 minimum wage. This is 80 cents higher than the new minimum wage for the rest of the state, according to New York's minimum wage laws. Oregon will decide its minimum wage in July based on the Consumer Price Index and there will be a different minimum wage for the Portland area.

Requiring Salary Information

California and Washington are joining Oregon and New York City as locations that will require employers to post information about their salaries to prospective employees starting January 1st.

The new California and Washington state's pay transparency laws state that businesses and organizations with more than 15 employees must include a pay scale for any external job postings for non-employee applicants, including postings published by third parties.

The California law also requires businesses who have over 100 employees to submit an annual report to the California Civil Rights Department that includes their organization's pay data, the number of employees by race, ethnicity and sex for 10 specified job categories, and the mean hourly rates and summaries of earnings. Just what businesses need - more government red tape.