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Welcome to Seagull Technologies - Version 2

After hundreds of hours of restructuring, today we switched over to our new version of the website. All of the articles have been updated (quite a bit in the world has changed in the last six years) and most of the graphics have had a refresh. We did this all as a new base on what's yet to come on the site and to better help all of the new small businesses out there succeed.

There was some debate whether to wait until all of the new features were programmed in, but in the end, we decided just the changes already made were worth sharing now instead of later. There will be a lot more coming. First of all, there is the addition of this blog where we can discuss more current topics while leaving the Classes and Library for more 'timeless' information.

In the the near future, we will be adding the media center containing videos of our small business information. We hope to have that is place by the end of July and a podcast center following in August. Both of these media sources are very labor intensive, so we hope you'll be patient with us.

So, we invite you to 'kick the tires' and let us know what you think and what you would like us to add to the site to help you in your quest of becoming a successful businessperson.


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