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Creating a LinkedIn Content Strategy

In the B2B space, LinkedIn is a major player in connecting professional-related people you want to do business with.  People use the platform to look for job opportunities, career advice, industry insights and some personal marketing.  So, what do you post on LinkedIn? 

To create a content strategy that works best for you, you will need to outline your content marketing goals.  Setting goals will help you keep your efforts focused and measurable. Your LinkedIn marketing goals could include items like:

  • Raising brand awareness with industry professionals
  • Attracting talent for job openings.
  • Improving employee engagement an satisfaction
  • Building relationships with business leaders or potential investors and/or
  • Showing senior leaders as experts in a particular industry

Knowing what you want to accomplish is necessary in determining what you want to write and how you measure if it was successful.   For example, if you want to attract job candidates, you can measure your effectiveness with how many people express an interest.

So, what kind of posts work best on LinkedIn?  Here are a few ideas for you.

1 - Interactive Content

The idea here is to get readers to respond to what you are posting, like shares and comments.  LinkedIn’s Home Feed is primarily made up of posts that your network shares and comments.  And if you want to get creative their are some tools provided to help you.  For instance, you can create LinkedIn Polls to get people’s opinions. Or maybe ask for assessments on your companies latest developments.    People love to give their opinions.  Take advantage of it.

2 - Storytelling

Social Media sites are all about people and there is no better way to build your brand than bringing it down to the personal level.  Tell people your story as it progresses.  Let them see the tales of what has shaped your business journey into what it has become today and your vision for tomorrow.

3 - Spotlighting Employees

Showing your employee’s accomplishments and how your company appreciates them, can tell prospective employees whether your company is a good fit for them.  It will also make your business feel more human and personable.

4 - Video Posts

This is one of my favorites and I must admit them often catch my eye a I’m scrolling through the latest posts.  Video content is on the rise across all social media platforms because they are very engaging.  Plus they are great for storytelling, strengthening a sense of community and encouraging conversations.

5 - Corporate Milestones

Sharing success stories is a great way to bolster your company’s profile on LinkedIn.  This can also bring your employees together through a sense of achievement, so this serves a double purpose.

6 - Thought Leaders

If you are a leader in your industry, write something about it.  People love to read and share industry-specific articles on LinkedIn, and you can make yourself a subject matter expert in your field.  And be sure to do a Call to Action such as asking questions or asking your readers to react with a certain emoji if they found the article helpful.

7 - Career Advice and Events

Since most people use LinkedIn for career progression, sharing content that helps them do that always performs well.  These can include motivational career tips, interview advice, and job listings are work well.

While LinkedIn is often overlooked as a place for marketing your business, you can get measurable results with clear goals and measurable results.